A Guide For Purchasing A Sexy See-Through Bra


A see through bra is the perfect piece of underwear to boost your confidence and make you feel attractive. You can always get a sexy see-through bra with matching pants for special occasions. Acquiring a see-through bra is easy because there are numerous options on the market. This post guides you in choosing the best bra.

How to choose a sexy see-through bra

When buying a see-through bra, below are some things you must consider;

1. Size

The size is a critical element to consider when choosing an ideal bra, see-through or not. You may be surprised to know that most women do not know their bra size. Bra sizes usually consist of a number and a cup size. The number indicates the band’s size, the strap that goes around your torso. On the other hand, the cup is the part that holds your breasts. The cup size is usually indicated in letters. When determining the perfect size for your see-through bra, you must figure out the perfect band size and cup size. You can do this by taking measurements at home. You can also use the internet to determine the best way to figure out your bra size. Understand that the standard sizes may differ depending on the manufacturer and region.

2. Support

Something you must also consider when purchasing a see-through bra is the support. A good bra should provide ample support for your breasts. The level of support is usually determined by the size and bra’s design. For instance, a wrongly-fitting bra will not provide excellent support levels. Bras with design elements like underwires also offer better support. Note that the support level will influence your comfort and looks. You need your sexy see-through bra to look as good as possible, especially if you are wearing it for a special occasion. Also, most women report increased confidence levels when they wear fitting and supporting bras.

3. Material

When choosing a sexy see-through bra, you must also consider the material. The best see-through bras are made from delicate and most comfortable fabrics. The ideal fabric should be light and breathable. Sheer is a popular material for see-through bras because it provides transparency to the bra. The fabric should also be skin-friendly, especially at the cup since see-through bras do not have lining materials. They also do not have padded cups.

4. Design and color

See-through bras come in different designs with cushioned straps, adjustable straps, underwire, and various design elements. The trick is to consider your comfort, breast size, and level of support when choosing the ideal see-through bra design.

There are no rules regarding the best see-through bra colors. This means that you are free to choose whichever color pleases you. Most people go for erotic colors like red when buying sexy see-through bras. However, the market features dozens of color options.


The internet is a great place to purchase your see-through bras. However, you must be careful about the size. Always look at the store’s size chart and measure your body before choosing a bra.


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