How Grandfalls Power Washer Became Globally Known Brand


Are you worried about choosing the best brand for power washing Globally? Do not worry, this article will solve all your worries associated with this machine.

Grandfalls power washer is a helpful device used in cleaning the solid dirt layers that form on the surfaces of different materials. The high-power grandfalls power washer provides efficient cleaning of exteriors of your different home sides, Cars, and various other objects.

This machine can make your life easier when maintaining the home. The Power washer also protects your health from different pests and allergens that grow from harmful reactions of contamination produced on the surface of materials.

Unique Lock System

A smart lock system helps you stop the whole mechanism at any time, at any length, anywhere you want. A safety lock uses on the spray gun to prevent any unintentional startup, which can cause an injury to you or someone else who does.

Automatic Shutoff System

An automatic shutoff system uses in a power washer to avoid any additional pressure to develop by the pump in conditions when the trigger is not involved. The Automatic system enhances the life of your machine and pump by reducing the chances of any damage caused by any carelessness.

Simple Machine Design

The portable Grandfalls power washer is lightweight at 20.6 kilograms which helps you move it anywhere you want. The machine parts are easy to accumulate and disassemble.

The body of the power washer is made up of highly durable materials which are extremely resistant to ultraviolet. A bubble spray bottle is provided, mounted near the spray gun’s nozzle, and filled with detergents used for cleaning purposes.

Wall Mounted Power Washer

The wall-mounted power washer helps you with an automatic retraction system, making you less worried about dragging around the machine. But the pressure that develops inside the pipe during the operation of the device must release before retracting to make sure kink proofing.

The wall-mounted power washer can easily be fixed by drilling four holes in the wall and hanging the machine on the bracket given by the company. The washer can retain inside in case of winter climate.

Double Coated Power Chord

The power chord length is 6 ft which is more than enough to connect with the power supply to operate the power washer. The power chord is double-coated with highly insulated material which makes sure good safety measures take for you.

Superior Safety Systems

The machine body is waterproof, making you less conscious of electricity leakage from the body due to wet surfaces. The GFCI (ground fault service interrupter) system supports the safety procedures during the cleaning operation.

Multiple Nozzles Mode

The four different nozzles with different spray angles give you multiple usages according to your requirements. The 0° spray nozzle uses on surfaces where very high pressure is needed for severe contaminations or mud removal.

The 15° spray nozzle assists you in cleaning and preparing the surfaces where the paint needs to be done. The 25° is the most common nozzle used for cleaning purposes for homes, cars, furniture, etc.

The 40° nozzle supports you in fragile surfaces like blinds and windows because of its low pressure and wide area coverage.


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